1. 帳戶/Account

– 是免費的嗎?

是的! 在Pajo上註冊是完全免費的! 我們有許多註冊方式,選你最常用的方式完成註冊就可以開始了!

– Is it free?

Yes! Signing up on Pajo is absolutely free! We have several methods to sign up. Just use your preferred method and get start Pajoing!

2. 買賣問題/ Buying and Selling

– 我如何在上面購買?

Pajo 能讓你輕易的找到你需要的運動用品!無論是使用我們的分類搜尋或是用關鍵字搜尋都可以立即呈現出最接近你想要的結果。你看到的價錢就是購買價!

– How do I buy on Pajo?

Pajo allows you to find the sports equipment that you need with ease! Just use either our filter designed to direct you to your closest match, or you can search by using a keyword search! You pay for the price you see!

– 萬一是仿冒品呢?

Pajo 極力反對任何仿冒品的銷售。 Pajo的消費者保護政策宗旨是一但發現賣家販售仿冒品,我們會將已付款項退回給買家,並給予賣家警告。若賣家持續販售仿冒品行為我司將終止他販售的權利,不排除移交相關單位。

 – Counterfeits?

Pajo is against all counterfeit equipments and apparels. Pajo’s buyer’s protection plan concludes that if an item is indeed found to be a counterfeit, we shall and return the money paid to buyer after controversy has been taken care of. If the seller continues such behavior we shall delete the seller’s account after the given warning. If necessary, reporting to the authorities will be conducted.

– 誰可以在Pajo上販售?

任合人都可以! 無論你是品牌商、經銷商、還是個人賣家,大家都可以上Pajo販售全新或是二手用品喔!

 – Who can sell on Pajo?

Anyone! Whether you are a brand, retailer, or private seller, all is welcome to sell your new or used items on Pajo!

– 我如何在Pajo上販售?

註冊後,填寫您的相關資料就可以開始販售了! 拍照上傳,描述,設定價錢! 123搞定! 

– How do I sell on Pajo?

Sign up on Pajo and enter your details and your ready to sell! All you do is take photo(s) of your item, describe it and put a price tag on it! East as 123!

– 販售是免費的嗎?


– Is it free to sell?

It is totally free to list and sell!

– 我如何提款?


– When do I get paid?

The money made from your sales will go to your Pajo wallet and you may elect when you want to cash out your money to your designated account within a few days.

3. 出租/Renting

– 我如何在Pajo上租商品?

不是所有物件都可以租賃。您需先尋找可出租的物件,再支付一定的保證金。出租金會依照您所租的時間決定費用。所有保證金以及出租費用由出租者決定。若您 (1) 將物品損壞 或 (2) 不在最長指定時間歸還,此物件相當於購買了。

– How do I rent an item on Pajo?

Not all items are for rent. You need to find the items that are rent-able and pay a deposit for the rental item and a fee will be charged according to how long you are renting for. Rental deposit and fees are decided by the rentor. If you (1) Break the item or (2) Do not return the item before the max rental period, it will be considered sold.

– 我如何出租商品?

只需上傳您想出租的物品,定好您的保證金以及出租金,您將會依照租賃者所租的時間來計算您的租金。若租賃者 (1) 將物品損壞 或 (2) 不在最長指定時間歸還,此物件相當於購買了。一但您的物品透過Pajo成交,我們會收取一個小小的佣金來確保 Pajo 能夠持續為您服務。

– How do I lease an item on Pajo?

Upload the item that you would like to lease and set your desired deposit amount and your renting fees. You will be paid according to the time that the rentee has rented from you with a max cap. If the rentee (1) Break the item or (2) Do not return the item before the max rental period, it will be considered sold. but once your item is being leased, Pajo will take a small commission so that we can keep the platform going.

4. 球友配對/Pairing

– 我要如何尋找球友?

Pajo 會依照您所設定的時間日期地點以及等級來為您配對最佳球友。若對方設定的與您所設定的相符,配對既成功!

 – How do I find players on Pajo?

Pajo will match you up with a player that can match your time date and location as well as skill level. Just enter your desired criteria and if another player can meet your criteria you have a match!

5. 場租/Booking

– 我要如何訂場地?

Pajo 與許多場地配合,只需尋找您方便的場地,在上面定下時間,支付既可。您需要再24小時前做更改或是取消,若時間到人沒到費用既不退還。

 – How do I book a venue?

Pajo works with various venues and you can elect your venue according to time and date and pay and book the desired slots on Pajo. Changes and cancellations must be done 24Hrs before, and if no show happens, your fees will not be returned.

6. 貨運/Logistics

– 誰負擔貨運?

運送方式會依照您的所在地由賣家決定運送方式。 賣家有權決定所使用的運輸公司。部分商品可能有免運費,但是我們建議您先看看賣家的賣場或是先與賣家溝通以達成共識。

– Who pays for shipping?

Shipping will be stated in the sellers page depending on where you are located. The seller has the right to elect which courier company to ship the item to you. Certain items has free shipping, but it is advised to first or read the seller’s page or negotiate with the seller for more details.

7. 支付/Payments

– 付款方式?

Pajo 提供多項付款方式如信用卡、微信支付、 Line Pay、Apple Pay .

 – How do I pay?

Pajo provides several ways of payment methods. You can either use your Visa or Mater Card, Wechat Pay, Line Pay, and Apple Pay.

8. 退貨退款/Returns and Refunds

– 我要如何申請退貨與退款?


– How Do I return and refund an item?

If you want to return an item back to the seller, simply follow the return rules set by the seller and ship it back to them. Once the item is received without jeopardizing reselling, you shall be credited back to the way you initially paid. Please note that certain items are not returnable and is not applicable within the grace period.

– 賣家不願意退款?

當有分歧時, Pajo將會以第三人扮演仲裁員。為了保護雙方,Pajo會先將款項凍住直到事件圓滿處理完畢。但請注意, Pajo 不會為任何非Pajo範圍內所做的交易做任何仲裁與保護責任。若是私底下交易,請謹慎交易!

 – What if the seller wont refund me?

If dispute arises, Pajo will act as an arbitrary to resolve the dispute. As a platform, Pajo will withhold all funds paid until dispute has been resolved. However, please note that Pajo will neither be responsible or will resolve any disputes if the deal or transaction is made outside Pajo’s scope. Please proceed any payments in cash or deals in person with caution.

9. 聯繫/Contact

[email protected]

Pajo: “Pajo Official”